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PlusLife Ice Bath

“Having to buy bags of ice always stopped me from cold plunging, I'm ready to face anything in the day after my morning ice bath.” - Amanda

Total Price: $7,450.00

50% Deposit: $3,725.00

Benefits of the PlusLife Ice Bath

  • Chills down to 3°C
  • Improves Muscle Recovery
  • Naturally Increases Endorphins
  • Premium Build, Handcrafted in Sydney
  • Get Started with a 50% Deposit Today


Shipping inside of Australia will take place via road-freight, this will be calculated at checkout. If there is no price available at checkout, please contact us for a personalised shipping quote.

  • Ice Bath Dimensions: 174cm (L) x 79cm (W) x 58cm (H)
  • Chiller Dimensions: 42cm x 45cm x 42cm
  • Lowest Temperature: 3°C

Is this a 50% discount or a 50% initial deposit?
This is a 50% initial deposit, the remaining 50% is due 7 days before delivery.

How to set PlusLife Ice Bath's temperature?
Download and use our dedicated Android or iOS app to set its temperature.

We offer an Express Service which reduces the production time to 4 weeks. This has an additional 20% surcharge which is payable at the time of ordering. Please note this is subject to availability and production capacity. Please contact us to see if this is available.

UV & Particle Filtration

Underwater LED light

Waterproof insulated cover

Energy efficient

No More Buying Bags of Ice, Say Hello to the PlusLife Ice Bath.

Plug-And-Plunge System

Our on-demand ice bath range is ready anytime. Just pick a place where to use it (indoor or outdoor), plug, plunge, and enjoy! No more ice bags, ever again.

Proven Effectiveness

Boxers, martial arts artists, athletes, bio hackers, and wellness optimizers use it for health and wellness, function, performance, mood, energy, resilience, and recovery. Experience PlusLife yourself and change your life.

Safe & Hygiene

Our Ice Baths are perfect for wellness studios, fitness clubs, homes, and gyms and anyone who puts health and wellness a priority. It is built with UV sanitation light and filtration systems to ensure a clean and sanitised environment for daily use.

Upgrade Your Daily Health Rituals.

Adjust or Schedule Temperatures on your Smartphone

Set your favourite Ice Bath temperature remotely with Australia’s first Smartphone integrated Ice Bath.

Looking to experience different temperatures throughout the day or have a friend join at a different time? Our app allows you to set a chilling schedule so adjust the level of your Ice Bath intensity.

Keeps Clean & Hygienic Without Using Nasty Chemicals

Avoid harmful cleaning chemicals while still having peace of mind that your Ice Bath is hygienic with our UV Light Filter

Forget about draining your Ice Bath everytime it’s used, our Ice Bath pumps and filters its entire volume every 15 minutes.

Now you can have health benefits of ice baths in a moments notice, without the hassle of always buying Ice or cleaning up.

What's Included With My PlusLife Ice Bath?

  • PlusLife Ice Bath and Chiller
  • Smartphone App Integration
  • UV Light Filter, Ozone Filter & Particle Filter
  • Insulated Ice Bath Cover
  • Safety Lock for Cover
  • Underwater Blue LED Light
  • 12 Months Standard Warranty

Health Benefits of Ice Baths & Cold Exposure

Endurance and Resilience

There's nothing quite like the shock of an ice bath. Your body is resisting, your mind is telling you no but once you take the plunge you will be rewarded! You are taking control and showing your mind and body who is in the driver's seat.

Physical Recovery

Feeling sore after a high-intensity training or workout session? Improve muscle recovery time and get back into action faster!

The ice bath targets inflammation and soreness from simulated competitions and intense exercise. Dunk yourself and recover from deadlifts, squats, and heavy training sessions quicker.

Mental Health

Blast through anxiety, stress, or depression. PlusLife Ice Bath breaks your mental pattern and connects you to your core by stimulating the release of endorphins for an uplifted mood and increased sense of happiness. Take an ice bath, breathe, and get back in your element.

Health & Wellness

Ice Baths have been scientifically proven to improve your immune system, performance, and general wellbeing. Cold exposure stimulates your body to increase its energy and boosts your metabolism for weight loss. 

Discipline & Consistency

An underrated benefit is Cold plunging develops grit within you, knowing that you can drown out that inner voice that is trying to talk you out of doing what you know is good for you. The PlusLife Ice Bath helps you form a powerful daily habit that you can bring with you throughout the day.

Sleep Management

Help your body to relax, reduce anxiety, and soothe tired muscles with cold immersion therapy. Release unwanted tension, slow your heart rate down, and heighten your feeling of comfort. As your body adjusts to the cool temperature, it produces melatonin which assists with a restful, sound sleep for a rejuvenated next morning.

Download the Ice Bath Buyers Guide

Check out our Buyers Guide for our Range of Ice Baths which includes Detailed Product Specs, Cooling Times & Useful Info.

Download the Guide
What Customers Are Saying

I'm a pro athlete and muscle soreness and inflammation had almost always been a part of my life. Not until I used PlusLife. It's the most effective ice bath I've used so far. Nothing compares to this. What a really cool addition to my daily ritual. Highly-recommended!

Steve, Sydney

My stress and anxiety during this pandemic have doubled being a wife, business woman, and mother at the same time. Ever since I started using this, I love waking up and reconnecting with myself. The cold plunge, I believe, changes my life. It relieves my stress and clarifies my thinking, which is really huge help for people like me.

Amanda, Melbourne

I love biohacking with my active lifestyle, so I am always on the lookout for ways to improve function. I love how this PlusLife Ice Bath does that exactly. I recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve the same goal. It's worth it.

Tim, Sydney

Got a Gym, Wellness Centre or Sports Club?

Check out our PlusLife Ice Bath Commercial.