Benefits of ice baths.

PlusLife Health has engineered scientifically-proven cold exposure technology and is proud to distribute its ice baths to fitness clubs, gyms, and homes across Australia. The cold is a friend for athletes, wellness warriors, biohackers, and fitness enthusiasts that dare to take the plunge and experience incredible results - full muscle recovery, pain relief, improved health and wellbeing and boosted mood and energy.

Cold water immersion (CWI) exposes your body to extreme coldness. It's a huge stressor that the body is not familiar with. As a result, your system will be shocked, your breathing will be erratic, and your body will need time to adapt. But as you build tolerance, and your breathing calms, your doorway into the mental and physical benefits begins to open.

An ice bath conditions the brain and strengthens its ability to cope with life's daily stressors. Cold water immersion also creates balance and increases serotonin and norepinephrine levels for an uplifted mental state and energy. The best part, PlusLife Ice Bath can also reduce anxiety and depression inducing inflammatory cytokines. Feel good both on the inside and out with the PlusLife Ice Bath.

When you feel sore a couple of days after a solid workout or intense physical activity, that is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This is a fancy term for describing that pain you feel when you’re trying to get up out of bed after leg day and it absolutely kills. The good news is that Ice Baths and Cold water immersion have been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of DOMS, meaning you can recover quicker and feel sore for shorter periods of time.

By exposing your body to cold stressors such as an ice bath you trigger a response within your body (controlled hypoxia) that has been shown to increase the body's immune tolerance and regulate any chronic inflammatory-related conditions. This results in a heightened immune system and increases your resistance to illness. Cold water also obviously exposes you to a cold environment which allows your body to work harder to maintain homeostasis while maintaining its core temperature, this again results in a stronger immune system response when you start running down with a cold.

Ice Baths make your body work hard to keep you warm and burn calories. They also influence the fat type your body produces – brown fat. This is known as a good fat that your body generates and is activated when it's exposed to extreme coldness. Why is it a good fat? Well, it helps convert your body fat (white fat cells) into heat to burn energy while releasing the fat cells when needed as a backup. While cold therapy is no substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet, it's an excellent supplement.

Help your body to relax, reduce anxiety, and soothe tired muscles with cold immersion therapy. Release unwanted tension, slow your heart rate down, and heighten your feeling of comfort. As your body adjusts to the cool temperature, it produces melatonin which assists with a restful, sound sleep for a rejuvenated next morning.

Ice Baths improve blood circulation which speeds up white blood cell transport around the body, this can also assist with illness recovery. The reason? Cold water can strain your body and activate its survival mode which puts your circulation system into overdrive. It pumps blood immediately and increases its flow as a response to warm your core temperature. The stimulated blood flow benefits your overall health, and it makes your body stronger. And through regular cold exposure, your body can also build a high-stress tolerance and be resilient to environmental changes.

A daily cold plunge pushes your body and mind to the limits! The first plunge is difficult, but soon enough, its mental and physical resilience benefits will be paying off. Over time, you'll build tolerance, find it easier to take the plunge, and wake up feeling excited to get your daily dose of the cold!

Develop good habits that set you up for success. Soon enough, you’ll build an unwavering discipline to stick to your daily cold immersion schedule. Turn a few minutes of cold therapy into a routine that supplements a healthy diet and regular exercise from now on.

Make the cold exposure a part of your daily habit and naturally boost your energy levels. Quick start your morning and stay energised throughout the day with your cold water immersion therapy. The PlusLife Ice Bath triggers the release of norepinephrine that increases blood pumping from the heart and heart rate, burns fat, and increases blood sugar levels for boosted energy levels.

Cold water immersion promotes the production and release of collagen that keeps your skin elastic and keeps it from sagging. Collagen helps to give you a youthful look and healthier skin. Naturally boost your collagen levels with ice baths that slow down the ageing process by also tightening the cuticle layer that increases the skin's shine.

Ice Baths may reduce anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms because it triggers the release of norepinephrine in our system. Essentially the stress that it puts your body through allows you to relax in the face of adversity. This is due to the norepinephrine being released in your body which affects how the brain pays attention and responds to events.

Experiencing migraines and headaches can disrupt your daily activities. Despite your initial thoughts that it may provide you with a brain freeze, Multiple studies have shown Ice Baths that can relieve the symptoms of headaches and migraines.

PlusLife Ice Bath

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Improves Muscle Recovery
Naturally Increases Endorphins
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