Transform your life with Ice Baths

Indoor and outdoor use

Chills to 3°C

No plumbing required

Circular filtration

UV light filtration

20-Micron filter

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Introducing the Ultra Series

PlusLife Ice Pool & Ultra Series Chiller

Chills down to 5°C
Ready for Stadiums, Teams and Clubs
Comfortably fits up to 12 people

My PlusLife Ice Bath is part of my morning routine, it gives me a much bigger jolt of energy than a coffee and by intentionally putting my body through extreme cold exposure I know I am ready to face anything the day throws at me.

James, Sydney

12 month warranty included

Every Ice Bath comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty out of the box.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship directly from Sydney, Australia around the country and worldwide with DHL.

Financing Options

We offer 50% deposit to secure your order and final 50% due 7 days before delivery.

I'm a pro athlete and muscle soreness and inflammation had almost always been a part of my life. Not until I used PlusLife. It's the most effective ice bath I've used so far. Nothing compares to this. What a really cool addition to my daily ritual. Highly-recommended!

Steve, Sydney

My stress and anxiety during this pandemic have doubled being a wife, business woman, and mother at the same time. Ever since I started using this, I love waking up and reconnecting with myself. The cold plunge, I believe, changes my life. It relieves my stress and clarifies my thinking, which is really huge help for people like me.

Amanda, Melbourne

I love biohacking with my active lifestyle, so I am always on the lookout for ways to improve function. I love how this PlusLife Ice Bath does that exactly. I recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve the same goal. It's worth it.

Tim, Sydney

Why take the PlusLife Ice Bath?

Benefits of Ice Baths backed by evidence.

Endurance and Resilience

There’s nothing quite like the shock of an ice bath. Your body is resisting, your mind is telling you no but once you take the plunge you will be rewarded! You are taking control and showing your mind and body who is in the driver's seat.

Physical Recovery

Research has proven that Ice baths reduce inflammation, recovery time and muscle soreness that comes from all forms of physical activity.

Mental Health

Cold exposure connects you to your breath and body. Once you are over the initial physical resistance of the ice bath, PlusLifers report a calming state where they can get into “the zone”. Cold Plunging also assists in providing a natural release of endorphins resulting in an uplifted mood that they bring with them throughout the day.

Health and Wellness

Ice Baths have been scientifically proven to improve your immune system, performance, and general wellbeing. Cold exposure stimulates your body to increase its energy and boosts your metabolism for weight loss.

Discipline and Consistency

An underrated benefit is Cold plunging develops grit within you, knowing that you can drown out that inner voice that is trying to talk you out of doing what you know is good for you. The PlusLife Ice Bath helps you form a powerful daily habit that you can bring with you throughout the day.

Sleep Management

When your body is exposed to extreme cold response it triggers a quick melatonin release. Shocking your system with an ice bath and experience a new level of deep sleep like never before.

Ice Baths and Cold Plunges Australia

As Australia experiences a wellness boom, there’s a growing need to make recovery as part of your exercise routine. Recovery time is important to meet fitness goals, whether it’s after a gym workout, MMA training, Boxing or playing Rugby or Football.

Cold water exposure is a centuries-old healing method for soothing muscles, improving breathing, and reducing inflammation. It’s no surprise that ice baths are now part of the recovery process for many Australians, especially those who prefer natural healing and alternative health therapies.

Cold water therapy is now common in gyms, wellness centres, and recovery centres in various parts of the country. The best places to find ice baths and cold plunges in Australia include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Hobart, Perth, and Adelaide.

What Are Ice Baths Or Cold Plunges?

An ice bath requires soaking one’s whole body in a tub whose temperature ranges from 1 degree to 15 Celcius for three to fifteen minutes. Premium ice bath tubs such as the PlusLife Ice Bath allow digital controlling of water temperature and don’t require any bags of ice.

A cold plunge is where someone plunges themselves into ice-cold water whose temperature is generally below 10 degrees celcius. When looking to buy a cold plunge in Australia, consider features including chillers for cooling the water to desired temperature and UV light to keep the water and ice bath tub clean.

When looking into Commercial Ice Baths, you want to ensure that there is sufficient commercial warranty, a stronger sanitation for cleaning Ice Bath and maintaining the Ice Bath as well as a stronger chiller because more people will be using it.

What Are The Benefits Of Ice Bath?

Here is how taking an ice bath benefits the body and mind.

Reducing Muscle Pain Or Inflammation

When one gets an injury, the most common remedy is to place some ice packs on the site. So, it makes more sense just to take a full ice bath. Blood vessels constrict to pull blood away from the injury site thus reducing muscle pain and inflammation.

Boosts Metabolism To Accelerate Fat Loss

The body must burn fats to keep operating at optimum temperature. Some of the body’s natural temperature controls include sweating and shivering. A cold bath quickly decreases body heat to kickstart the fat-burning process.

Encourages Better Sleep

An ice bath helps the central nervous system regulate cortisol levels to encourage better sleep. The process eliminates signs of depression and any sleep-related disorders. People who take ice baths usually sleep like babies thanks to the bath’s effect on the body’s natural tranquillizer.

Improves Sports Performance

Taking an ice bath before working out enhances performance on a humid or hot day. Icing the body before working out reduces the effect of humidity or heat to stimulate performance. The bath lowers the body’s core temperature by some degrees to counter the effect of an increase in temperature or humidity.

How Does An Ice Bath Help With Recovery?

An Australian ice bath is a very effective solution for sore and worn-out muscles. The muscles are prone to a build-up of lactic acid and tiny micro-tears during intense training. This encourages Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Fortunately, an ice bath or cold plunge prevents DOMS by boosting blood circulation. When you out of your ice bath, the blood flow will increase to accommodate the need for warmth. As the blood flows throughout the body, it flushes out the lactic acid. This eliminates the soreness that was caused from your training.

Who Should Not Use An Ice Bath?

Taking an ice bath is very beneficial to the body and mind, but there are some situations where it is not recommended for safety concerns. These include:

  • People who suffered frostbite in the past
  • When having circulatory problems, including peripheral vascular disease
  • Have Raynaud’s disease involving sensitivity to cold
  • Have had surgery recently or have an open wound

What Is The Right Type Of Ice Bath?

There are various options when choosing the best ice bath in Australia. Inflatable ice baths are affordable and good for travel. They are also comfortable for cold water therapy at home, although they require refilling for each use and to purchase Ice Bags individually.

Premium ice baths last a lifetime, withstand elements and have a drain at the bottom to change the water. Commercial Ice baths are for cold water therapy at gyms, recovery centres and wellness centres. These have various features, including cartridge filters as well as the possibility to get ice bath with ice or hot bath option.

What Is The Best Ice Bath For Homes?

The best ice bath for home use is durable, indoor and outdoor capable and available to be a 24/7 (not requiring ice each time you use it). With that being said, if you are looking to move your Ice Bath then an inflatable Portable Ice Bath is a fantastic option that allows you to move it around your property.

It should also cool the water to an ideal chilly temperature for a cold therapy. It may be tempting to use an inflatable pool but it can’t match the effectiveness of a specially designed ice bath for cold water immersion at home.

What Is The Best Ice Bath For Gyms?

An ice bath for gyms allows monetising recovery, enhancing performance and attracting new clients who desire cold water immersion. Any gym owner, whether it is a cross fit gym, and weights gym or any sort of martial arts gym should consider to buy an ice bath to set their facility apart, increase the membership retention, and increase their revenue. This is by allowing patrons to use the ice bath on a pay-per-use basis or by increasing their subscription or membership price within the gym.

Not only that, having a premium built Ice Bath gives customers a reason to share their cold plunge or ice bath experience with all of their friends located around Australia on Social Media. Whether your gym is in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or Gold Coast, you will have an increase level of awareness on your gym from non-members which will result in more interest to your gym.

When picking the best ice bath gym, here are some considerations:

  • What is the size of the ice bath tub?
  • What features does the bath have?
  • How much does the ice bath cost?
  • How durable is the bath?
  • Do customers need ice or hot baths?


Let's answer some frequently asked questions about how to buy ice baths and their uses.

Where Can I Use An Ice Bath?

Ice baths are now available across Australia in sports clubs, recovery centres, boxing gyms, wellness centres, football clubs, MMA gyms and other commercial businesses.

Why Do People Use Ice Baths?

Various people including athletes and non athletes use ice baths to boost their physical health and overall fitness level. Ice baths help athletes avoid muscle soreness after vigorous exercise as part of the recovery process. Taking an ice bath also promotes sleep, eliminates stress, and boosts metabolism.

How Long Should An Ice Bath Last?

Medical experts recommend the ideal time for an ice bath to be from three to ten minutes with fifteen minutes as the maximum limit. However when you’re just getting started it can be painful even to stay in for 60 seconds so there is no minimum time limit.

How Long To Shower After An Ice Bath?

Taking a shower or warm bath should be two hours after an ice bath. Doing this too soon may reduce the overall effect of the cold therapy.

3 degrees Celsius.

You can set the temperature directly on the PlusLife Chiller Unit or Download and use our dedicated Android or iOS app to set its temperature.

Peak performers, health and fitness enthusiasts, entreprenuers, amateur and pro athletes, biohackers and anyone who puts their health and wellness on top of their priority.

It's covered by our no-hassle 12-month warranty. More information is available within our Terms & Conditions.

No ice bags needed, state-of-the-art filtration, instant access to ice cold water. It's a plug-and-plunge system built with UV light and filtration systems for sanitation and safety. It's effective for its consistent temperature and all-weatherproof built.

Yes! Please contact us for copy.

Its filters can last up to six months, or shorter if you use it often. Filter should be replaced as needed based on usage level. To extend the filter’s life, we recommend taking a shower before using the ice bath.

You can put it inside or outside. If placing it outside permanently, use its included cover and put it in the shade for energy efficiency especially in the hot weather.

We suggest using it daily, but we understand that everyone is different in terms of cold immersion tolerance. Over time, you can build tolerance, but we recommend starting with a temperature you can comfortably tolerate.

Yes, the PlusLife Ice Bath is built with a quick-drain system that you can attach to a standard garden hose. When done, refill your tub and leave it for a while to reach the desired temperature.

There’s no set standard time for this. It depends on your tolerance. But on average, our users do it for three to five minutes. We recommend to use for no longer than 5 minutes as a maximum.

We offer an Express Service which reduces the production time to 4 weeks. This has an additional 20% surcharge which is payable at the time of ordering. Please note this is subject to availability and production capacity. Please contact us to see if this is available.

Our PlusLife Ice Bath weighs approximately 350-400kg when filled with water.