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4+ Years in Australia &
In-House Engineered

Over the last 4 years our team has tested, innovated and upgraded our ice baths to become Australia’s most trusted ice bath.

Full Aus Safety Certifications

Make sure your Ice Bath is safety certified and not a re-purposed aquarium chiller, built for fish, not for humans.

Australia’s Most Trusted Ice Bath

Battle-tested by thousands every day around the country, whether it’s high volume or single person use, we’ve been there and tested it out.

I'm a pro athlete and muscle soreness and inflammation had almost always been a part of my life. Not until I used PlusLife. It's the most effective ice bath I've used so far. Nothing compares to this. What a really cool addition to my daily ritual. Highly-recommended!

Steve, Sydney

My stress and anxiety during this pandemic have doubled being a wife, business woman, and mother at the same time. Ever since I started using this, I love waking up and reconnecting with myself. The cold plunge, I believe, changes my life. It relieves my stress and clarifies my thinking, which is really huge help for people like me.

Amanda, Melbourne

I love biohacking with my active lifestyle, so I am always on the lookout for ways to improve function. I love how this PlusLife Ice Bath does that exactly. I recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve the same goal. It's worth it.

Tim, Sydney

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